Test and Balance


The demand for top-notch testing, adjusting and balancing has grown in the past decade as indoor air quality and energy conversion requirements have become more stringent. The Waldinger Corporation offers a wide variety of services that can have your new or existing building optimized and running at its peak performance in no time.  We have first-rate technicians whom are either certified or pursuing certification from the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), and our NEBB Certified Professionals manage all work we do in this arena. Our services include:

•  Air balancing                                                              

         - Delivers uniform space temperature, humidity and air movement                                     

         - Creates comfortable environment                                  

         - Improves air quality                                                                   

         - Reduces energy cost


•  Water Balancing – adjust the flow at pumps and balancing devices to insure proper water distribution for achieving heat transfer of air handling equipment, which leads to a higher degree of comfort and energy savings


•  Duct Leakage Testing – pressure-test new duct systems to verify they were installed to industry standards


•  Building System Commissioning – check quality of construction and verify operation


•  Fume hood, bio-safety cabinet and aseptic isolator (pharmacy hood) certification


•  Operating room, procedure room and isolation room airflow verification


To learn more about our testing, adjusting and balancing capabilities, please contact Rick.