Did you know buildings consume approximately 40% of the energy that is produced? What is more startling is that over half of those buildings operate at less than 60% efficiency. Here in the Midwest, we haven’t yet felt the same pinch of skyrocketing energy costs as our counterparts on the coasts. However, we are still responsible to be thoughtful stewards of our resources.


The Waldinger Corporation has vast experience helping you as owners, property managers and facility professionals design energy efficient and sustainable solutions to manage, maintain and maximize your building systems. From designing a new building automation system to retrofitting an existing one, our solutions will deliver savings for you. As you plan your building controls system you will want to consider:

  • Design
  • New construction
  • Process controls
  • System integration
  • Building retrofits – pneumatic to digital direct control (DDC)
  • Custom graphics/programming
  • System evaluation and life cycle costs
  • Investment grade controls installations
  • Standalone controls
  • Offsite management of systems and web-based solutions
  • Preventative control, software and database maintenance
  • Tenant comfort and environmental controls
  • Energy management, reporting and system optimizations
  • Training and support
  • Predictive maintenance and identifying operational issues
  • Fault detection and alarm monitoring

 As your strategic partner, we will collaborate to the degree you want… from consultation to design to implementation and management. Waldinger believes that the investment in our employees training and education in building automation and advanced technologies directly impacts the success of your project.


Contact your controls expert, Chris.