The Waldinger Corporation specializes in servicing, designing and installing equipment that moves air and fluids through piping and ductwork. We have been in business since 1906, which gives us exposure to the problems that you have in your facilities. We understand the design, theory and operation of all mechanical systems to provide you, your staff and customers safe, reliable and cost effective HVAC services.  Our typical heating, ventilation and air conditioning services include:

• Chillers, boilers, pumps, piping and ductwork
• Air handlers, coils, valves, and filters
• Variable frequency drives
• Indoor air quality
• Roof top units, compressors, and heat exchangers
• Service, maintenance and repair
• Plumbing, process and drain-waste-vent piping 
• Variable refrigerant flow 
• Computer room units
• Test and balance
• Exhaust fans, motors, sheaves and belts

We work in all environments and have training on most manufacturers’ lines of equipment. 

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