Waldinger Facility Solutions TM



Rising energy costs, aging infrastructure, operational issues, financial constraints...

Chances are likely that your facility is facing at least one, if not more, of these facility issues.

Waldinger will solve your facility challenges.

Waldinger has been a market leader in designing, building, operating and maintaining facility systems and solutions. With a prioritized focus on sustainability and facility planning, Waldinger Facility SolutionsTM provides building owners with energy and facility solutions that optimize facility performance, reduce operating costs, and plan for the unknown. Our expertise in energy and facility solutions is built on dozens of years of experience and hundreds projects. Countless customers trust Waldinger to drive out costs through maintaining their facilities every year. Our Mission: To positively affect your business’ bottom-line by improving efficiency, minimizing costs, optimizing operations and preparing for your building’s future.

What Makes Waldinger Different

Waldinger isn’t just another contractor. We are a total facility solutions provider focused on a unique sustainable integrated delivery model.

We plan. We design. We build. We operate. We maintain. We optimize.

We Know Buildings

Waldinger is with you for the life of your building. Each phase in the life cycle of a building plays an important role in the sustainability of the facility and its occupants. When you partner with Waldinger, you get the knowledge of teams familiar which each phase of a facility’s life cycle and a continuous focus on driving efficiency, minimizing costs, and improving facility operations. This not only impacts your bottom line, but allows you to get you back to focusing on what YOU KNOW, your business.

We Know You

It’s start with an understanding of you, the facility owner. You’ve made a significant investment in your facility and it’s Waldinger’s goal to protect that investment. Whether it's new construction or a 50-year old building, our focus is on meeting your requirements for developing sustainable solutions that provide comfortable environments while achieving measurable results and lower costs for the life of the building. We do this through identifying and assessing the needs of each client, including budget, financial goals, facility use, and other business objectives.

We Know Facility Planning

Waldinger’s Facility Planning Solutions provides information to help building owners meet their energy and infrastructure goals by making informed decisions and prioritizing for the future of their facilities.

Facility Assessments

In order to extend the life of a facility, building owners should be continually assessing the age and condition of facility equipment and systems and updating their capital plans and budgets accordingly. Waldinger’s Facility Assessment process provides insight into your facility’s current conditions and helps plan for future facility updates and needs. In addition, the Facility Assessment process is designed to help building owners address operational requirements and identify opportunities to more effectively operate and manage your facility.

Facility Master Planning

Strategic Master Facility Planning is a process for building owners to identify the long-term organizational goals and objectives for the facility and plan for the future. Whether it's direct with you, the building owner, or in conjunction with your architect or engineering firm, Waldinger supports the strategic master facility planning processes. Our practice is focused on identifying the right solutions for your facility while balancing your financial parameters.

We Know Sustainable Design

Whether a new construction project or a facility renovation, Waldinger focuses on integrating sustainable engineering principles throughout the design phase for our clients. These design principles are focused on delivering efficient, comfortable and healthy environments for the life of the building. When you partner with Waldinger, you are partnering with a staff that brings a vast amount of experience in sustainable design and designing solutions focused on driving efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

Life Cycle Costing and Analysis

Waldinger provides life-cycle costing and analysis that helps building owners evaluate the total cost of owning and operating a facility. Our life-cycle costing and analysis services helps building owners make informed and cost-effective decision for your facilities. We will provide a clear plan of the expected costs of each measure for the life of your facility. In addition, Waldinger doesn’t stop at meeting minimum energy design standards, but makes it common practice to offer equipment options to clients that would drive greater long-term savings within the savings. 

Energy Efficient Design

Waldinger has vast technical experience and resources to design and manage LEED projects from conception to completion. We have a strong track record of supporting clients with identifying and implementing energy improvement strategies, reducing carbon footprint and driving operational efficiency. Our staff credentials include LEED process project certification services.

Virtual Design Construction

Through Waldinger’s Virtual Design Construction (VDC) group, we utilize a building information modeling process to digitally create a 3D model of the finished product. Using this data generated throughout the project lifecycle ensures safer, expedient, less wasteful construction as well as a more cost-effective, sustainable operation for the facility moving forward. To learn more about Waldinger’s VDC expertise, click here

We Know Facility Improvements

Waldinger doesn’t just know design, we know turnkey facility improvement solutions. As a full-service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractor we understand the life of buildings. This knowledge allows us to foresee issues and opportunities early on into the design phase and throughout implementation. Throughout every step of our relationship with you, we are assessing your facility and providing proactive recommendations for improvements.

Our focus will be to work with you to understand your business objectives and recommend facility solutions that will help you achieve them. With our long history of success, we can do anything from small improvement projects to big mission-critical projects. Regardless of the type of your facility, its age or its condition, our facility solution expertise is vast. 

We Know Energy Efficient Solutions

In today’s environment of rising utility costs, it’s imperative that building owners are continuously assessing their building’s performance and identifying opportunities to drive efficiency. Building owners are overpaying energy costs through inefficient buildings and systems which, in essence, is a donation to utility companies. Waldinger believes that building owners should instead be investing this over-payment back into their buildings. Our vast array of energy efficiency services solves that problem by providing a comprehensive, integrated approach to reducing your overall operating expenses. Our Energy Services team delivers an approach that is built around defining your priorities and determining your success metrics.

Energy Audits

Waldinger provides commercial energy audits, analyzing the entire building for energy efficiency opportunities. Our preliminary energy audit looks at the energy performance of your facility, benchmarks that performance against like facilities, identifies potential facility improvement measures and gauges the potential to drive energy savings in your facility. This preliminary energy audit is offered at no cost to qualifying entities with our service territories.

Our investment grade audit provides a more in-depth analysis of the efficiency opportunities within your facility. At this phase, building diagnostic technology is deployed and engineering resources are engaged to identify where the energy waste is occurring and where improvements can be made. The outcome is an engineered solution that includes identified improvement measures and their costs, projected savings and estimated rebates.

Energy and Facility Improvement Retrofits

Waldinger’s energy and facility improvement retrofits take a whole-building approach to identify opportunities that improve energy efficiency, decrease energy demand, address deferred maintenance and identify critical facility improvement needs. Improvement measures that are typically evaluated within facility retrofits include HVAC, mechanical, lighting, building controls, water efficiency, water heating, building envelope and commissioning. Through Waldinger’s facility retrofit process, we have helped our customers realize thousands of dollars in energy savings and identify cost-saving infrastructure needs.

In conjunction with providing technical design and implementation offerings, Waldinger is also your financial partner.

If you are interested in determining if an energy and facility improvement retrofit is a fit for your facility, click here to start the preliminary audit process. 

Energy Retrofits

Often times energy retrofits are not incorporated into an overall facility approach, but rather through stand-alone energy efficient retrofit measures. These measures often encompass the low-hanging fruit within a facility and are often subsidized by the utility company. Waldinger supports clients on a daily basis implementing these measures. Example energy retrofit measures that Waldinger can evaluate for your facility include:

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Geothermal
  • Mechanical Improvements
  • More Efficient HVAC Equipment Retrofits
  • Refrigeration Upgrades
  • Retro-commissioning
  • And Beyond….

Energy Management Systems

As an ASI Controls system integrator, Waldinger uses its system integration and engineering proficiency to install and integrate ASI energy management systems with HVAC and lighting systems.  Together, the energy management system and Waldinger streamline energy management for a wide system of facilities, including retail properties, utilities, commercial real estate, educational campuses, medical facilities and military bases.

After the energy management system is integrated into an HVAC system, Waldinger engineers maintain the system to assure building owners and occupants of operating at optimum performance benchmarks.

Energy Monitoring

HVAC, lighting and power systems can account for up to 90% of a facility's energy consumption. Oftentimes building owners and managers are unaware of how much electricity, natural gas, water and other utilities their facilities consume.  Because this information can affect profitability, knowing the amount and rate of usage can be critical.

Waldinger's Energy Monitoring service can provide this data as it happens, in real time.  Armed with the facts, clients can make educated decisions about their businesses, their operations and the impact their energy consumption has on the bottom line. The Energy Monitoring program begins by identifying normal operating parameters, and then alerting the client whenever those parameters are exceeded. Data mining and analysis are key components.

Companies need to concentrate on their core businesses; analyzing energy consumption is Waldinger's core business. It is the firm's mission to obtain and evaluate clients' energy consumption to identify waste and provide sustainable solutions.

Solar Energy

To benefit clients and the environment mutually, Waldinger is a leader in applying sustainable solar where appropriate.  Solar power, termed PV (for photovoltaic) energy, converts the rays of the sun into electricity for use in a building's HVAC, water heating and electrical systems, reducing clients' dependence on non-renewable and diminishing fossil fuels.

Waldinger's solar energy team is led by trained PV Installation Professionals certified by NABCEP, or North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Inc., the gold standard for renewable energy professionals.  Their added insight and training provide Waldinger clients quality installation, greater energy efficiency and long-term reliability of PV energy systems that provide return on investment each day.

Partner in Energy Efficiency

Waldinger helps businesses further reduce costs—during construction and throughout the life of a building, by partnering with ENERGY STAR and utility companies to leverage programs that drive out project costs and save annual operational spend. Waldinger has been selected as partners with premier utility companies to offer energy efficiency rebate programs offered. Ask us more about that here

We Know Building Optimization

When a car is not running well, the first thing we do is look under the hood to address the issue. When it comes to our facilities, we should be using the philosophy. Through building optimization services, Waldinger provides the opportunity to not only identify issues that may be affecting building performance, but to also identify opportunities for savings. Through retro-commissioning and building tune-up services, building operations are improved while increasing efficiency through low-cost and no-cost improvements.


Waldinger’s retro-commissioning service is a comprehensive process for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements in a building to ensure optimal performance and to identify low-cost and no-cost improvements. It includes fine-tuning existing buildings and systems in order to make them operate optimally and more efficiently through scheduling, sequencing, controls programming, and optimizing set points. Due to the vast opportunities within facilities, retro-commissioning services are often subsidized by utility companies. To learn more about retro-commissioning offerings, contact Amanda

 Building Tune-ups

Waldinger’s building tune-up services are focused on identifying the quick fixes and quick savings through optimization of equipment in non-complex facilities. The tune-ups are typically comprised of scheduling, system adjustments and tuning. Due to low hanging fruit opportunities comprised within facilities, building tune-up services are often subsidized by utility companies. To learn more about building tune-up offerings, contact Amanda

We Know Sustainable Service

A quality preventative maintenance program provides significant opportunities to save energy, lower operating costs and increase the asset value of a building. Waldinger’s planned maintenance agreements are designed to improve your building operations and lower costs by addressing life-cycle cost issues, maximizing equipment life expectancy and identifying energy efficiency opportunities. In addition, our best-in-class service minimizes facility disruptions, in turn resulting in better productivity which is more cost-effective for you. 

As a part of each preventative maintenance agreement, Waldinger will provide an energy benchmark report on an annual basis which will detail the current energy performance of your facility, including ENERGY STAR™ Energy Performance Rating, energy cost per square foot, energy usage index and carbon footprint of your facility.

To learn more about Waldinger’s service offerings, click here.