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You'll get world-class training, state-of-the-art technology, and industry-best tools. As a Waldinger tech, you have the opportunity to focus on your craft and continue to develop your skills in: 


You'll get exceptional opportunities to work with the best coworkers and customers anywhere. Here are the types of industry clients we work with:

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The Waldinger Corporation is affiliated with -- and recognized by -- the industry's top professional organizations. This means greater resources and credibility for you as a representative of Waldinger!


Army PaYS

We are extremely proud to partner with the United States Army’s Partnership for Youth Success program.  The competition for talent is tougher than ever, so we believe this program will help us connect with the best and most hard-working people our country has to offer.  With veterans at all levels of the company, Waldinger appreciates what it takes to be a soldier who defends the liberties and freedoms of others.  We seek candidates with commitment, passion and dedication to our cause.  In our mechanical service world, the mentality is very similar: solve people’s problems by putting their needs before our own.  We have a noble charge.

BBR Racing

We are excited about our partnership with Brian Brown Racing. Brian and his team exemplify what hard work, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship mean to winning. Our alignment with BBR is based in our mutual relentless dedication to the future of our companies, products, services, and most specifically to our people.