Project Oasis

Project Oasis Data Center This Tier III, 4 MW (day one) data center in Omaha was a fast-track, design assist project consisting of data hall space, chiller plant, supporting MEP rooms and administrative areas. The N+1 facility contains over 2,000 tons of cooling accomplished with a combination of full mechanical, mechanical assisted and 100% economizer modes. The design included a thermal energy storage (TES) system for emergency cooling. This TES tank houses Waldinger-prefabricated internal flow distributors (or diffusers) which supply 60-degree chilled water for up to 10 minutes to mission critical cooling equipment at a peak thermal load of 750 tons, in the event of chiller plant failure. We 3D modeled all mechanical, HVAC and plumbing components, coordinated and collision checked with Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue clash detection software. Our services included support thru Level 5 commissioning.