Matt Knopke

Matt Knopke, Acquisition

Our company was acquired by The Waldinger Corporation in October of 2010. My business partners and I had locations in Kansas City and St. Louis and had over 25 technicians plus office staff.  The acquisition process was very smooth from start to finish because of the honesty and integrity of Waldinger’s acquisition team. The transition was smoother than I expected considering we had two offices to move. All of our employees were welcomed into the Waldinger family with similar or expanded roles and opportunities. 

My two biggest concerns were for our long-time customers and for our employees. But our customers have seen innovation and increased customer-centered service. The technology at Waldinger is far beyond anything we offered our customers at Knopke Company. That level of innovation provides our customers with much more value than they had before. Our employees have likewise received more value than we were able to provide. The benefits provided to employees at Waldinger are some of the best in the country. Plus, the opportunities offered to our employees simply weren’t possible from  our two-branch business.

The other huge benefit to me, as a business development guy, is the expanded opportunity to target regional and national companies. Through Waldinger’s expanding network of branch locations, I’m able to target companies with locations across the Southeast and Midwest and service them with our own in-house technicians.  

In summary, since our acquisition I’ve seen my personal stress level drop dramatically, my existing customers experience improve, my employees treated like family, and my opportunities to service customers over a large geography increase tenfold. It’s been a fantastic experience. -Matt Knopke, Business Development