Groundbreaking Lighting Turns Heads

November 1, 2018

Groundbreaking Lighting Turns Heads - Waldinger Wins Na
Waldinger recently undertook a groundbreaking retrofit of the overhead fixtures at our Fuller Road location. It began with a desire to operate our lighting system more efficiently. We started by engaging a partner to strip out the guts of our existing lights and replace them with PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality. Panduit – the manufacturer of the high-speed computer cables we use – provided the cabling and, when they found out how we were using it, came to our office from Chicago to learn about this new application!
We took existing 120-volt florescent fixtures – lamp lifespan: 10,000 hours – and converted them to 48-volt DC-powered (low voltage) LED-lit fixtures – bulb lifespan: 50,000 hours.
Not only is the new lighting system groundbreaking and energy-efficient, but it’s also highly customizable. Each fixture can be adjusted for color and intensity via smart phone or over Wi-Fi – just like a computer. This allows our employees’ spaces to be tailored to their work preferences (although we tend toward a consistent theme throughout the office so it doesn’t look like a big rainbow!).
Only a handful of buildings in Iowa utilize PoE lighting, and the industry took notice of ours. This fall, at the Building Industry Consulting Service International Conference in San Antonio, Waldinger won the Cabling Innovators Platinum Award for the project. This national best-in-category win is putting the spotlight on our outstanding lighting solution… and we can light it up for you with the same outstanding results. Call Matt at 515-558-9544 today!