We value our business relationships and appreciate the trust those who work for and with us place in our teams. Like you, we are actively monitoring the rapidly evolving situation involving COVID-19. The safety of our employees and people with whom we work is always our first priority. Safe production is one of our core values, and the education we provide to our team about COVID-19 is an extension of our robust safety culture. 

Our investments in technology and processes, as well as our diversity of locations, allow us to be nimble and to divert resources from one of our many offices to support an area that may be in need. This positions us well to limit any impact on our ability to continue to produce.

Here are some of the specific actions we have taken:

  • We have established a task force to organize, oversee and direct our response to this global health situation. Members include our executives and presidents, as well as representatives from safety, human resources and information technology.
  • We have implemented a “Fit for Work” questionnaire that all employees are required to fill out and submit to management prior to reporting for work each day. This allows us to proactively identify high risk activities and illness, and limit exposure to our customers and other employees.
  • We’ve ensured all critical company functions can be performed remotely to make certain we continue to answer calls and emails, dispatch employees, pay our teams and vendors, and perform other administrative functions.
  • Our IT team is actively supporting working from home for a wide range of staff.
  • We made available disinfecting and sanitizing materials to our field staff to allow for the sanitation of tools and equipment. This helps reduce the risk of contamination of customer spaces.
  • We’ve canceled or postponed meetings that gather people from throughout the company into a single location. This reduces the opportunity for cross-contamination between branches.
  • We have placed a temporary ban on all nonessential business travel.
  • We have distributed guidelines for all field supervision that give direction for the following: jobsite sanitation and cleanliness requirements, employee personal protective equipment, nonessential employee site access, employee illness protocol, social distancing, material handling, deliveries, establishment of work zones, work area cleanliness, use of phone and video conferencing to conduct business, and lunch area setup and cleanliness.
  • We are conducting our monthly safety training sessions and many other meetings through video conferencing.
  • In conjunction with our safety team, we’ve educated field employees on how to limit exposure while also taking the best possible care of our customers.
  • We have locked all public and private entrances to our facilities to eliminate the risk of public contamination of our locations. Only employees can access our facilities.
  • We placed physical barriers between production, warehouse and office spaces to reduce cross-contamination between spaces in our facilities and eliminate the risk of communal contamination of entire locations.
  • We have sent out companywide communications and posters that outline precautions to reduce exposure the coronavirus. Our guidance is based on information provided by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.
  • To facilitate comprehensive communications, we’ve created a companywide COVID-19 resource page on our employee intranet. The goal is to create immediate up-to-date communication to all employees.
  • We have put daily cleaning schedules in place at each of our locations. This includes frequent cleaning of regularly used surfaces (doorknobs, food prep areas, copiers, etc.) to remove germs.
  • We continue to evaluate our business continuity plan identifying actions to minimize disruption.

As our employees visit worksites outside of our walls, we ask you to please let us know if there are any specific or unique instructions or policies your company may have in place for COVID-19, so that we can best prepare to adhere to them.

Thank you once again for your partnership and the trust you place in our team. We remain committed to continuing to provide excellent service during this challenging time.